Association of Courses in Theatre Design

For those involved in the development and delivery of FE/HE courses in design and associated practices for theatre and performance primarily in the UK

ACTD Constitution and Committee

Following the business meeting and elections on Saturday 4th July 2009, the new Executive is as follows:

Chair – Ashley Shairp

Vice Chair – Dr. Joslin McKinney

Treasurer – Peter Farley

Secretary – Graham Cottenden

Executive Committee Member – Sean Crowley

Executive Committee Member – Michael Spencer

(Details of the constitution to be posted)


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  Michael Spencer wrote @

I’ve had a bash at a mission statement – it’s a starting point to be ammended and revised really (I’m bound to have forgotten something!) – whadayouthink?


Association Mission Statement proposal

• To provide a supportive forum for teachers/researchers in the discipline to share pedagogic practice and explore new directions for the future

• To promote our courses and the work of the students in the discipline, e.g. through the coordination of national and international exhibitions

• To establish links with other relevant education and professional institutions in the UK and internationally, eg OISTAT, Tapra etc., and engage with these forums to develop pedagogic practice

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