Association of Courses in Theatre Design

For those involved in the development and delivery of FE/HE courses in design and associated practices for theatre and performance primarily in the UK

Welcome to the ACTD blog

This blog follows the activity of the ACTD members sharing thoughts and notes from meetings, exhibitions, shows and conferences…. initiated at:



Ethics, Employability and Economics: Teaching Theatre Design in the 21st Century

These first entries share the outcome of the conference with those members unable to attend, or potential new members wishing to join the association.



  Rebecca Pride wrote @

This was an excellent conference and a great opportunity for fellow theatre design/ scenography academics to meet up and discuss their subject within the context of the social, political and legislative challenges that face this sector of HE now and in the future.
The discussion into assessment practices was particularly useful.

  sean crowley wrote @

It was with regret that i missed the body of the conference, but of enormous pride, since originally creating the mailing list and being at the rebirth of the ACTD, that i saw the fullness of what it has grown into. Long may this maintain its vibrance and very real importance to both the developemnt of the students education, but also the development, enlightenment and enjoyment of all who give so much to design education.

That we have finally had two new executive members come forward, to let myself and Michael step back ( a little) is also extremely exciting, and under Ashley as Chair and with Kathy’s creation of this excellent new means of sharing information, we can already see the energy and industry that will continue to buoy this association onwards…

heres to the future and the continued growth
of the ACTD….

much love to all…. some rest over the summer, and a prosperous and exciting new academic year ahead.


  Michael Spencer wrote @

I agree!

Re assessment – if you’re interested there’s a great article I pulled off the web called ‘Asssessing creativity in the creative arts’ by Rob Cowdroy & Athony Williams – worth a read…


  roundwoodtimes wrote @


it might be worth considering picking up on the workshop approach of the assessment presentation in future meetings – perhaps this, more interactive style is something we could push a bit further . I thought it worked really well – and would liked to have spent a bit more time working through the issues.

Maybe up coming ACTD meetings could include some material of this sort as well as dealing with on going business ?

Particular thanks to colleagues at Aberystwyth for a really memorable couple of days .


  Michael Spencer wrote @

Actd mission statement proposal

• To provide a supportive forum for teachers/researchers in the discipline to share pedagogic practice and explore new directions for the future

• To promote our courses and the work of the students in the discipline, e.g. through the coordination of national and international exhibitions

• To establish links with other relevant education and professional institutions in the UK and internationally, eg OISTAT, Tapra etc., and engage with these forums to develop pedagogic practice


  Kathrine Sandys wrote @

Looks good Michael.

Shall I transfer it across to the constitution page of the blog or does anyone have anything to add or observations to make?

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